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WV teacher surprised with A+

The Indian Prairie Educational Foundation and District 204 honored English teacher Kim Haake as the final A+ Award recipient for the 2017-18 school year.

You can watch the A+ Award team’s surprise visit to recognize Haake for “Making a Difference” at A+ Award video.

Waubonsie Valley High School Senior Carolyn Oh nominated Haake, describing her as a mentor as well as an educator.  “Mrs. Haake has been the most influential teacher I have had so far.  She believes in the learning process and will give up her time to assist students and make sure they progress.”

Haake has been teaching since 1987 and has been at Waubonsie Valley for 18 years.  She says she was inspired to go into education by her mother, who also was a teacher.  Haake said she feels grateful to learn from her students each and every day.  “Every day is a different day and every class is a different class.  You may teach the same subject three times a day, but they are never the same.  The kids keep me on my toes – I love this job,” Haake said.

Wells Fargo Advisors has partnered with IPEF and District 204 to help recognize one staff member each month for making a difference for students.  To celebrate these outstanding staff members, Wells Fargo Advisors donated $500 for the staff member to use in his or her school.

You can see all 38 staff who have received the award by visiting A+ Award.

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