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A Message from our Board Chair

Indian Prairie School District 204 is a nationally recognized public school district dedicated to providing its students with the best education possible. The District is fortunate to receive exceptional support from the community and also from its dedicated staff, who inspire students to achieve their greatest potential.

Student achievement continues to excel in nearly every measure. That is quite remarkable when you consider there are more than 29,000 students attending District 204 schools each day. And, it says volumes about the community as a whole. The Indian Prairie Educational Foundation has played a role in that success for over two decades. We take pride in supporting teachers, staff, and most importantly, students, with an objective of delivering excellence in education.

The Foundation provides a conduit to support District 204 programs in a variety of ways which are highlighted throughout our website. Of course, none of this would be possible without the generous time and financial support from parents, sponsors, and partners. As you visit our website, please contact us if there is anything you feel can make a difference in the education of our students. Thank you for your support!

Rana Khan, Board Chair
Indian Prairie Educational Foundation

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