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Science & Technology Fair

WVHS4The Indian Prairie Educational Foundation (IPEF) has sponsored the annual District 204 Science & Technology Fair since 1999.

For most middle school students, the event serves as a culmination of a semester-long curriculum that includes science and language arts. Students begin by first identifying a question they wish to explore. They then pinpoint possible answers, design an experiment to test one of those answers and present their findings to a panel of judges.

Results are evaluated according to presentation, creativity, adherence to the scientific process and knowledge of the subject. Approximately 350 individuals volunteer their time each year to serve as judges for the more than 850 student participants.

Since 2004, there have been a total of 7,185 student participants in the district science fairs. Of that total, 2,231 of them went on to Regional competitions with 1,164 awarded the opportunity to present their projects at the state level. Each year the number of total participants grows along with the awards at the regional and state level.

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