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TEAM IPEF 2017 SPIRIT SQUADS  gregory-spirit-squad
Cheer on runners and represent your school on race day by being part of a Spirit Squad! Strategically located along the Naperville Half Marathon race route, Spirit Squads help motivate runners, while helping raise awareness about IPEF.  They also have the chance to win $ that will go right back to their school!

This year’s participating schools are listed below with their approximate location on the race route.  Some Spirit Squads will have the chance to cheer for runners multiple times during the race.  Download the race map for a look at the entire 13.1 mile course.

Granger Middle School – Mile .5, 6 & 12.8  (S. Main/W. Hillside)
Brookdale Elementary – Mile .9 & 12. 1 (S. West St./W. Hillside)
Spring Brook Elementary – Mile 1.3 (Aurora Ave./Wild Cherry Road)
STEPS – Mile 1.8 (Berry Dr./Evergreen Ave.)
Metea Valley High School – Mile 2.5 (First Aid Station – W. Jefferson Ave.)
Still Middle School – Mile 3 (W. Jefferson Ave./N. Ewing St.)
Scullen Middle School – Mile 3.4 & 4.9 (Mill St./W. Spring)
Graham Elementary – Mile 3.6 & 4.7 (W. 6th Ave./Mill St.)
Young Elementary – Mile 4 (Naperville North HS – Far W. side)
McCarty Elementary – Mile 5.1 (S. Mill St./W. Jefferson Ave.)
Steck Elementary – Mile 7 (S. Wright St./E. Porter Ave.)
Crone Middle School – Mile 7.2 (Anne Rd./Elizabeth Ave.)
Neuqua Valley High School – Mile 8.1 (Gartner Rd./S. Charles Ave.)
White Eagle Elementary – Mile 8.7 (Canonero Dr./Hobson Mill Dr.)
Brooks Elementary – Mile 9.9 (Tupelo Dr./Olympus Dr.)
Prairie Children Preschool – Mile 10.1 (Laurel Ln./Tamarack Ave.)
Builta Elementary – Mile 11 (Hemlock Ln./Spruce Dr.)
Fischer Middle School – Mile 11.3 (S. West St./Emerald Dr.)

This year three Spirit Squads will be awarded prize money.
1st = $750
2nd = $500
3rd = $250

Winners will be determined by three criteria.
1.  Number of fans that came out to cheer as part of your Spirit Squad.
2.  Voting by Team IPEF runners.
3.  Independent selection committee that will visit Spirit Squads during the race.

Congratulations to our 2016 Spirit Squad winners!
Young Elementary – Top Spirit Squad ($500)
Builta Elementary – Honorable Mention ($100)
Graham Elementary – Honorable Mention ($100)
Scullen Middle School – Honorable Mention ($100)


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