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Young PE Teacher gets A+

PE Teacher and Spirit Council Sponsor, Rob Maldonado, was honored as the May A+ Award recipient.

You can watch the A+ Award team’s surprise visit to recognize Rob for “Making a Difference” at A+ Award video.

A group of 5th graders from the Nancy Young Elementary Spirit Council got together to write a nomination for Maldonado.  They had a long list of reasons why he was deserving of the award, including all the activities he helps make happen.  “Each year he gathers kids to volunteer and help out the community and the school,” they wrote.  “He is so kind hearted to take away his own time to help others in need.  He makes us feel like we really belong.”  They also noted his “hilarious jokes and fun games” as a reason they love having him at their school.

Maldonado has been an educator for 22 years.  This is his 17th year at Young.  His list of accomplishments includes bringing a composting program to the school lunch room, introducing the Watch D.O.G.S. program and working with the school’s Spirit Council.  He’s been an active part of the Dolphin Dash for the past ten years.  He was humbled and surprised to receive the A+ Award.

“We only have kids in front of us for a short time.  Just a snapshot of their lives,” said Maldonado.  “I think it is important that you make the most of that chance.  These kids have really made me proud and this is the greatest place to work.  I’m so grateful for everything.”

Wells Fargo Advisors are partnering with IPEF and District 204 to help recognize one staff member each month for making a difference for students.  To celebrate these outstanding staff members, Wells Fargo Advisors donates $500 for the staff member to use in his or her school.

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