Indian Prairie Educational FoundationEnriching Education for District 204 Students

2017 Grant Recipients
Congratulations to our 2017 spring and fall grant recipients.

Brookdale Elementary
– We Are All Special and Unique ($1500) awarded to Leah Steinhauser-Walsh

Brooks Elementary
– Diversity in our LMC ($499) awarded to Penny Ose

Builta Elementary
– Make Your Space ($1831) awarded to Jill DeFarno
– U Can Uke ($1500) awarded to Mary Schmitz

Georgetown Elementary
– Keyboards for Kids ($4500) awarded to Andrea Burck

Graham Elementary
– Coding for All ($300) awarded to Michelle Shiles

Granger Middle School
– Only One You ($1263) awarded to Cindy Chejfec & Erin Wash

Hill Middle School
– Songwriting Concert ($2000) awarded to Ron Korbitz

Metea Valley High School
– Photojournalism Equipment ($1500) awarded to Kristen DiGiorgio
– Guest Clinician for Metea Jazz ($1000) awarded to Josh Kaminsky
– Community Drawing from Observation ($2500) awarded to Kathryn Parenti

Neuqua Valley High School
– Easy Ticker Stock Savings LED Display ($2200) awarded to Todd Mertz
– LMC Video Production Station ($1774) awarded to Eric Bodwell
– The Process is Art and the Art is Justice ($5000) awarded to Jonathan Lauff
– Girls in STEM ($1506) awarded to Anthony Tegtmeyer
– Scientist to the Rescue ($1800) awarded to Adrianne Toomey
– Rain on Me ($1280) awarded to Christina Jakubas & Gillian Schneider

Owen Elementary
– Classroom Clue Solving Escape Room ($500) awarded to Carol Hess

Patterson Elementary
– Bee Bots for Kindergartners ($849) awarded to Jennifer Thompson

Scullen Middle School
– Farm to Foods Class ($1006) awarded to Jill Koulos

Spring Brook Elementary
– Reaching More Kiddos with a Booming Voice ($303) awarded to Natalie Hoyle Ross

Watts Elementary
– Unlocking the “4C’s of 21st Century Learning” with Breakout EDU ($1000) awarded to Emily Macchiarella

Waubonsie Valley High School
– CRISPR in the Classroom ($1170) awarded to Christopher Schramm
– Virtual Reality 3-D Painting ($840) awarded Kathleen Novorolsky
– Bristlebots and Art Circuits ($120) awarded to Pam Westfall
– Mikva Challenge’s Project Soapbox ($2500) awarded to Adam Dyche
– The Future is Bright ($1800) awarded to Christopher Dandeles
– Solar Power Project ($14,267) awarded to Pam Westfall

Welch Elementary
– Rokenbok Rocks ($1000) awarded to Lynn Domek

2016 Grant Recipients
Congratulations to our 2016 spring and fall grant recipients.

Brookdale Elementary
– Breakout Boxes EDU ($1000) awarded to Lisa Furst
– Brookdale Drumming Circle ($1915) awarded to Danielle Donaldson

Builta Elementary
– Making Molehills into Mountains ($1469) awarded to Jill DeFarno
– Music, Movement & Manipulatives ($325) awarded to Mary Schmitz

Clow Elementary
– Learning about Circuits is a Snap! ($651) awarded to Nicole Fader
– Making Language Accessible for All Students ($650) awarded to Beverly Mathews

Fry Elementary
– Bloxels Across the Curriculum ($980) awarded to Erin Mongelli

Georgetown Elementary
Urban Hydroponic School Garden ($1400) awarded to Kristin Joseph

Granger Middle School
– Virtually There! ($349) awarded to Jessica Walsh
– STEAM-y Perspective Compositions ($440) awarded to Erin Wash
– Breakout EDU ($630) awarded to Lynne White
– Frank Lloyd Wright: Materials Science & Algebra in Prairie Style Art Glass ($640) awarded to Carol Near

Gregory Middle School
– Barrage 8 + 204 Orchestras = Priceless Collaboration ($3300) awarded to Lori Lauff

Hill Middle School
– Composer Project ($2000) awarded to Loretta Valentin

Metea Valley High School
– Photojournalism Equipment for Student Newspaper ($600) awarded to Adam Page
Valley Runway ($4000) awarded to Ann Cluxton
Live from Broadway! ($2000) awarded to Nathan Bramstedt
– Unmasking Character & Identity ($1215) awarded to Rebecca Walker
– Grit in Action ($1500) awarded to Kris Mansmith

Neuqua Valley High School
– “NO TECH” Day ($850) awarded to Beth Knuth
– They Think I’m No Good?  Freeing Yourself from Fear of Judgement ($2000) awarded to Jonathan Lauff
– The Karyl Silerzio Technique: Wheel-Thrown Sculpture ($1500) awarded to Steve Jones

Owen Elementary
– Supplying the Creation Station ($677) awarded to Tina McHale

Patterson Elementary
– Lego Creation Station ($1200) awarded to Dawn Maly

Peterson Elementary
– Math Games for Brain Gain at Home and School ($1443) awarded to Becky Graske

Prairie Children Preschool
– Social Emotional Bookbags ($953) awarded to Natalie Phillips
– STEM Project ($1470) awarded to Latia Johnson

Scullen Middle School
– Raspberry Pi for New Makerspace ($789) awarded to Angela Weigard
– Let’s Go Graphic!  Motivating ELL’s & Reluctant Readers ($225) awarded to Amy Dawes

Still Middle
– Breakout EDU Kits ($828) awarded to Kristen O’Toole

Watts Elementary
– Graphic Novels to Engage Struggling Readers ($354) awarded to Marie Murphy-Schiller

Waubonsie Valley High School
– DNA Foam Fundamentals ($1104) awarded to Pamela Westfall
– Creation & Critical Thinking with Creation Crates ($809) awarded to Kristen Mattson
– Artist in Residence: Mazellan ($900) awarded to Mollie Bozarth

Welch Elementary
– Raspberry Pi with iSteam ($2397) awarded to Lynn Domek

Young Elementary
– Young Creator Space ($1800) awarded to Adrienne Morgan

2015 Grant Recipients
Builta Elementary
– CUBE! ($337) awarded to Janet Petruzzi

Cowlishaw Elementary
– Bringing Literature to Life with Chris Fascione ($450) awarded to Becky Trybus
– The “Write” Way to Fall in Love with Nonfiction ($1956) awarded to Robin Halicki

Crone Middle School
– Crone Orchestra Learns Fiddling & Improvisation ($950) awarded to Katie Brown
– Improving Literacy in the World Classroom ($264) awarded to Amy Miller

Fry Elementary
– Let’s Get STEAM’d! ($507) awarded to Joan Mills
– Multi-Cultural Book Share ($1000) awarded to Celestine Chin

Gombert Elementary
– How to Greet a VIP ($855) awarded to Gayl Smith

Granger Middle School
– Community Caring & Sharing ($200) awarded to Gina Chiappetta

Gregory Middle School
– GoPro for Discussions ($260) awarded to Katherine Battle

Kendall Elementary
– Television Monistors to Celebrate Learning ($1192) awarded to Rhonda Jenkins

Metea Valley High School
– Career Clusters & Career Pathways ($2656) awarded to Brian Giovanini
– Intelligence Testing: Learning in a 21st Century Classroom ($425) awarded to Heather Weisenburger
– Making a Difference through Art ($1350) awarded to Karen Popovich
– The “I AM” Initiative ($2109) awarded to Robyn West

McCarty Elementary
– Mustang News Crew ($1574) awarded to Jeannie Brooks

Neuqua Valley High School
– Media Drone ($1750) awarded to Lisa Traut
– Vernier Structures Materials Tester ($1038) awarded to Michael Fuys

Prairie Children Preschool
– Early Literacy Exploration Project ($2000) awarded to Samantha Giglio
– Hands are for Clapping ($1929) awarded to Carolyn Alzueta

Springbrook Elementary
– STEAM Center ($1500) awarded to Natalie Ross

Watts Elementary
– Chromebooks for English Learners ($630) awarded to Emily Macchiarella

Waubonsie Valley High School
– Laser Engraver/Cutter – Art & Design of the 21st Century ($5930) awarded to Don Dvorak
– Papermaking – Bringing Traditional into Modern Time ($725) awarded to Katherine Steinbring
– R.A.D. Self-Defense ($2570) awarded to Lacy Woulfe
– Warrior IDEA Box ($3000) awarded to Kristen Mattson
– Waubonsie Valley Electric String Quintet ($4438) awarded to Daryl Silberman
– World Premiere Composer in Residence ($1500) awarded to Mark Duker

Welch Elementary
– Brown Bag STEM Challenge ($1533) awarded to Mary Kulaga
– The First Step is You, The Second Step is Community ($818) awarded to Brian Wiesbrook & Team


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