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A+ Winner at Cowlishaw

The Indian Prairie Educational Foundation and District 204 honored Cowlishaw Elementary second-grade teacher Cathie Prochaska with the January A+ Award.

You can watch the A+ Award team’s surprise visit to recognize Cathie for “Making a Difference” at A+ Award.

Parent Amanda Wittenborn said she knew it was going to be a good year for her son the moment she met Prochaska.  “You can tell without a doubt she loves what she does and she loves her students,” Wittenborn said.  “She goes above and beyond to make each student fell special, cared about and like they belong.”

Prochaska has been in education for 20 years.  She began her career teaching in Kansas.  This is her fifth year at Cowlishaw Elementary.  She says she works with an amazing staff and felt honored to be recognized.  “I think every teacher in the building, in this District, we all aspire to be the best we can be,” Prochaska said.  “I love everything about my job, mostly I love spending my day with children.  My goal is to inspire them every day, but in truth, they inspire me equally.”

Wells Fargo Advisors is partnering with IPEF and District 204 to help recognize one staff member each month for making a difference for students.  To celebrate these outstanding staff members, Wells Fargo Advisors is donating $500 for the staff member to use in his or her school.

To nominate a staff member, visit A+ Award.

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